VEMA is a young and dynamic company, a fast-growing reality which is always looking for new markets. The company was founded in 2000 in Gozzano, near Novara, and it is specialized in the steel processing. VEMA has evolved over the years by expanding the structure and by developing his own strategy and that led the company to become a solid and organized reality.

VEMA is supported by professional figures collaborating day by day. They add technical and commercial values by meeting the demands of national and international clients. The company also offers exclusive brass collections that widen the range of products in order to be very competitive in the bathroom sector. The three collections, BATH KITCHEN and WELLNESS, meet the different needs of the market thanks to the quality of the materials, the technology used and the contemporary and sophisticated design of the products.

Elegance, harmony and competitiveness are the elements that define the strong identity of VEMA.